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Venus sextile Saturn

Romantic Restraint

Kelli Fox

It's possible that you'll always feel just a little bit distanced from each other, and at times, it could be hard to bridge the gap. But there will also be a calm, steady and enduring affection between you, one that could last a long time, especially if other aspects in your composite chart point to a long-term connection. If you do fall in love and stay together, your relationship will be about more than just love, lust, romance or affection.

You'll share a deep sense of duty and responsibility toward each other, and you'll have well-defined principles about how you want to conduct your relationship. And it may be these principles or your shared sense of responsibility that keeps you together when you go through rough patches as a couple. Even in happy times, though, you probably won't be the most demonstrative couple around. Your affectionate displays will be restrained at best, which is what might lead to a feeling of distance between you. If you allow your romantic signals to be too subtle, they might fly right over your partner's head. It's better not to let this happen. You'll both need to put in a little extra effort to make sure your lover knows you care about them, truly and deeply.

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