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Venus sextile Jupiter

Creating Positive Outcomes

Kelli Fox

Your feelings for each other will be strong, warm and affectionate. You'll really like each other, and your friends will notice that you both seem a lot happier when you're together. You'll idealize your relationship, but this shouldn't lead to disillusionment or bitterness; instead, it will enhance your mutual optimism about your shared future.

And positive thinking creates positive outcomes; in effect, the confidence and hope you inspire in each other are likely to create the very sort of relationship you both hope for and dream of. You can achieve a lot together -- almost anything you put your minds to. Creative projects and financial investments should go well when they're a team effort. And you'll bring out the best in each other. You'll both want to bring as much sweetness and harmony to the union as you can, because you'll get so much out of it. Don't be afraid to disturb the peace from time to time, when necessary. The harmony you'll enjoy together will be wonderful, but there's no need to avoid addressing problems for the sake of keeping the peace. After all, you can count on your optimism to pull you through any issues that come up.

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