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Venus opposite Saturn

A Barrier Between You

Kelli Fox

You'll both find it difficult to let each other know how you really feel about each other. Even if you fall deeply in love, there will be some barrier to expressing your true passion. Maybe you'll feel too shy to do so, or maybe you'll worry that your partner doesn't return your feelings, so you'll stay quiet and keep yours in check.

It's also possible that outside circumstances could get in the way of fully, freely expressing your affection, such as if one of you is still in love with someone else when you meet, preventing you from really letting go in this relationship. Your sexual connection may also be strained by this influence; you might find that you're out of sync in this area, with one of you feeling turned on and tuned in when the other isn't in the mood, and vice versa. You'll have to look at the other aspects in your composite chart to get an overall picture of the potential of your relationship, and to get a sense of how much this particular aspect will affect you as a couple. It may be something you can work on together, consciously opening yourselves up to expressing your affectionate feelings in a free and spontaneous way; but it may turn out that the barriers between you are too great to overcome.

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  1. christine aday on January 29, 2016 at 10:02 am

    ow can l over come any obsitcules

    • christine aday on February 17, 2016 at 9:23 pm

      l told him i was in love with him,,now hes not talking to me and it is a long distance relayionship..lm in calif and he is in oklahoma and he was going to move me in may..we have only talked and have not met face to face but both wanted this to work and he sent videos and we both felt it was right..he has been alone for a long time and voiced his fears at 1 time and came back after 2 weeks and now it has been 2 weeks we connected at the end of octo..l will have some type of settlement coming which is still up in the air with lawyers ,,he wanted the move when weather was better and said he did not want any of the settlement money and it would be mine..hes a truck driver and lm a nusre l really want this to work and really care for him..a lot has happened with me from te accicdent and health issues from accicdent and a lot better now..he had said that was all in the past and we would go forward and l got out of a bad relationship last summer

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