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Venus opposite Pluto

The Power to Heal or to Hurt

Kelli Fox

You're both likely to engage together in projections and other patterned behaviors that neither of you will fully realize, which will lead to lots of challenges and other complications between you. You'll have to be very careful in how you treat one another, because your emotional connection will be intense and overwhelming. Your feelings for each other will be incredibly strong, and you could swing back and forth between deep, incredible love and consuming hatred or anger.

Without even meaning to or realizing it, you'll reach deeply into one another's subconscious experiences and bring those feelings to the surface. Thus, this will be quite a transformative relationship for both of you, but probably not an easy one. You'll have to fight to understand the intense emotions that will well up within you in response to your partner and their presence in your life. Be careful of trying to play armchair psychologist with each other; it's good to talk out your past experiences and your deepest, most vulnerable emotions, but there's a strong tendency here to try to manipulate each other at that level. Be as honest as you can with one another, and don't engage in power struggles. Otherwise, you could turn all the positive intensity of this connection into something consuming and painful.

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