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Venus opposite North Node

Giving and Receiving Love

Kelli Fox

There's a good chance of love and tenderness growing between you as you become more deeply intimate with one another, in part based on a sense of shared past experiences. You'll both feel as if you have a lot in common, which will help you relate to one another as friends as well as lovers. The affection that sprouts between you will make you both feel as if you fit together well, especially if there are other positive influences between you to support this feeling of unity.

You may not even understand exactly why you like one another so well and feel so close; there will simply be an undeniable current of togetherness and similarity that encourages you to become intimate. You may find that you share similar values, too. Just be sure to open up together about your hopes for the future, so that you can move forward together and strengthen your relationship by giving one another love and reveling in the affection you receive in return.

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