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Venus opposite Neptune

Don't Let Reality Take You by Surprise

Kelli Fox

In the beginning this relationship will seem sublime, as if you've found the ideal lover you've been dreaming of and longing for your whole life. You may feel as if you share a spiritual, even psychic connection, one that makes you more emotionally intimate with each other than you've ever felt with another person before. You may even believe that you've found some sort of spiritual salvation in your lover, as if they can guide you in that realm and act as your mentor.

But all this incredible bliss and idealization could easily turn to disappointment if you aren't both careful to view your relationship, and each other, in a realistic light. There will be a strong tendency between you to project your own needs and expectations upon your partner. In short, the person you'll see when you look at your lover will be less based on reality and more on a figment of your own imagination. Over time, however, you'll find that your real-life sweetheart is a very real person, with flaws and unexpected weaknesses. Try to keep in mind that things aren't as perfect between you as you'll initially believe them to be; that way, you'll appreciate the perfect moments more when they occur.

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  1. Andrew on November 6, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    It is just as you say it is. I have this with someone. To me she represents the ideal love. The only problem is it may never turn into anything real. She lives far away. She is also famous. But I swear one time when I was thinking of her that she picked up on it based on something she tweeted at the same time I was thinking of her. It felt like I could see her at that moment too(I have a few gifts). There MAY be a strong psychic link between us, but I’m powerless to do anything about it right now. Maybe the only thing I can do is love the person regardless of the outcome. I certainly can’t forget her.

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