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Venus opposite Jupiter

Strong, Positive Feelings

Kelli Fox

A lot of warmth and a strong attraction will pull you together. You're likely to idealize each other and the relationship itself, and while idealization can often lead to bitterness and disappointment, that shouldn't be too much of a problem in this relationship. While you will receive a reality check from time to time, it shouldn't be too jarring.

Your expectations will be high, of course; you'll look at one another and see your ideal -- everything you've been looking for in a lover. You'll ignore the fact that problems and disappointments are inevitable -- which will actually work out nicely, in this particular pairing. When you do face problems together or get into arguments, your strong, basic good feelings for each other will almost always win out, succeeding in bridging any gap between you. You'll always find it easy to connect with what you love about this relationship, and you'll find ways to make it work for you -- improving your life, and creating the positive energy you need to push forward toward creativity and affection.

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