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Venus conjunct Saturn

Serious Pursuits

Kelli Fox

You could have a lot of trouble expressing your tender, affectionate feelings for each other, because there will always be a certain coolness between you -- a restricted feeling that will make you feel as if flirting and having fun together are just trivial pursuits. Over time, you could both develop the sense that there are more important things you should focus on together than anything so silly as sensuality or romance. It's even possible that some outside circumstance -- a demanding job, perhaps, or living in separate cities -- will make you feel as if it's just not possible to pursue this relationship with the ardor you feel inside.

The bottom line is, if you're looking for an exciting, heated, spontaneous affair, this probably won't be it. But on the plus side, what it lacks in dramatic flair, it can make up in steadiness and genuineness. Even if your connection is cool and restrained, it will also be stable, loyal and dedicated. It's up to you to decide whether this is the type of relationship you're looking for, and whether this will be a level of coolness and restraint you can put up with.

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