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Venus conjunct Pluto

Be Careful in How You Treat Each Other

Kelli Fox

Neither one of you will be looking for something casual; instead, you'll look for a love experience that will change you forever. Intensity will be the name of the game here. Your physical connection will take on epic proportions.

You'll want to feel overwhelmed when you touch each other, and sex will become hugely important between you. This will feel incredible when it works, but when you're out of sync with each other, you could both feel intensely let down. You'll expect so much from this relationship that you could have a hard time tolerating it when it doesn't deliver, which, inevitably, it sometimes won't. Power struggles are also possible between you if you're not conscious of how you're treating each other. It may be all too easy to use physical or emotional affection as a manipulative tool to control your lover. Things could potentially even degenerate between you to the point that you'll feel bound to or even obsessed with each other, despite your very real feelings of resentment and deprivation. In order to tap into the extremely positive potential of this relationship and avoid the negative, you'll have to be certain of your needs and intentions from the start. Try not to demand more than you can reasonably expect from your partner, and be sure to be honest and aboveboard with each other as you go about trying to get your needs fulfilled.

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