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Venus conjunct Neptune

Clouded by Idealism

Kelli Fox

You'll put each other on a pedestal and idealize the love you find together. But will the ideal ultimately live up to the reality of your connection? In the beginning, this relationship will feel incredibly romantic to both of you.

You'll go all gooey and weak in the knees whenever you get together or hear your sweetie's voice on the phone, and visions of hearts, singing birds and chiming wedding bells will flit through your imaginations as you hold hands and gaze into one another's eyes. But if you want this relationship to last, you'll have to try hard to see through your romantic illusions to the real person standing in front of you. With this influence between you, it's all too easy to fall wholeheartedly for the fantasy lover you concoct within your own imagination, and ignore the very real person you're actually involved with -- only to discover much later that they are, in fact, human and flawed. This can lead to intense disappointment and disillusionment as you have to wave goodbye to that fantasy lover of your dreams. But if you can see and accept the real person in front of you, you stand a good chance of creating a deep and abiding love.

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  1. Destiny on January 9, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    This is so true and after 10 years being together with my husband I’m still getting to learn to know him and give him as much space that he need to growth

  2. Julia L. on March 8, 2019 at 10:23 am

    Had this in a composite with someone. The dreamy romantic feelings didn’t last and unfortunately we were disappointed on both sides, I think. He cheated and I grew distant. We were on and off for a while. Weird relationship…could never figure it out.

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