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Venus conjunct Mars

Sexual and Emotional Attraction

Kelli Fox

There will be a strong, passionate attraction between you that draws you together and holds you there. If other indications are as strong and positive as this one, including good communication, affection, harmony and stability, then chances are very strong that this relationship will be a long, passionate and vital one. You'll really turn each other on, physically and otherwise!

There will be a lot of love and affection between you, not to mention heat and sexual tension. Ooh, la la! Remember, though, that when there's this much passion between two people, it can turn quickly into that other kind of passion -- anger. In fact, this influence will heighten all your emotional responses to each other, whatever they may be: love, anger, hurt, sorrow and so on. If you end up hurting one another, the sense of heartbreak will run even deeper than it would in another relationship with a different partner. And if you end up breaking up, you might feel as if you hate each other as passionately as you once loved one another. If so, this will be a mark of how strong your feelings are for one another. However things go between you, it's almost impossible that you'll be indifferent to each other.

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