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Venus conjunct Jupiter

Creating the Goodness You Seek

Kelli Fox

Whatever you two want to create, find or accomplish together -- great love, connection, adventure, comfort, joy -- you can make it happen. This particular influence could be considered a very lucky one to have in a relationship. It will help you find success with anything you pursue in the tangible world, such as financial investments or creative projects, because it will lend you optimism as a team while expanding your creativity.

But you'll also just feel better when you're together, as if life is a lot easier than when you're struggling through on your own. There will be a lot of warmth and affection between you, in part because you'll treat each other with such tender patience. You won't expect too much from each other, or from your connection. You'll find it easier than usual to accept each other's shortcomings, and you'll both feel more comfortable, more understood and embraced, as a result. There is a dark underbelly of this influence, however, which is indulgence. You two may egg each other on and not know when to stop. As a couple, you'll tend toward excess, which could get costly in more ways than one. But your combined positivity will pull you through almost every time. Together, you'll create the goodness you seek.

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  1. Killa on October 24, 2017 at 9:44 am

    I have this in composite with someone. It’s so much fun and good energy. We have this in the 11th house and we have so much fun going out as friends and I feel we can give each other space and laugh a lot. It’s a good feeling. We can be openly loving and friendly. It can get excessive.

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