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Venus conjunct Juno

Partnership Needs and Affection in Harmony

Kelli Fox

Giving one another affection and getting along well should come easy to you two, because the way you'll naturally express your tender feelings for one another will be a good match with what each of you is seeking from this connection. In one another's arms, you'll find what you're looking for in terms of partnership and romance; in fact, if there are other more difficult energies at work between you, this one might help to alleviate them. Even when you're really annoyed with each other, you'll still be able to remember why you're in this relationship and what you like about your sweetie.

You'll each hold your connection in a special place in your heart, which means you'll both do what it takes to guard and preserve that bond. In general, you'll cooperate well and compromise when it's needed. You're also likely to find that you're a good fit in terms of your values and expectations as related to romance as well as to your financial needs and artistic tastes.

Venus conjunct Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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