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Uranus trine North Node

Spice, Excitement and Electricity

Kelli Fox

You're both looking for something new, different and exciting, and as you start getting to know each other, you'll feel strongly that this is the relationship you've been searching for. You could make a very sudden connection; you'll notice that you share some eclectic tastes, and the zany sense of newness you create together will excite you both. There's some possibility that things will end as quickly as they began, without warning, but that isn't likely unless there are other destabilizing factors at work within your relationship.

But if there are some grounding and harmonizing influences that can serve to keep you together, this one will add a lot of spice and excitement to your bond. Settling into a routine won't seem as important as it might in other relationships; instead, you'll both be happy to go with the flow and see where your connection leads you. Flexibility and communication, of course, will both be key in this relationship. If either of you isn't feeling as if your needs are being met, you'll need to speak up about it and see if you can make the necessary adjustments together. But in general, you'll work best as a couple if you don't worry too much about categorizing your connection; just follow it and see where it leads.

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