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Uranus trine Juno

An Exciting and Spontaneous Bond

Kelli Fox

It will be important for you two, as a couple, to determine how your relationship will be structured, completely apart from anyone else's expectations or 'rules.' The good news is, all you'll need to do is focus on your natural, innate partnership needs for clues to making your relationship as unique as it deserves to be. It's possible that this emphasis on freedom and uniqueness will go overboard at times, but in general, the element of surprise and spontaneity in your relationship will make things fun and exciting. That can really come in handy in a committed relationship, because it will keep both of you guessing!

You should have fun as long as you know to expect the unexpected -- and know that whatever form this unpredictability takes, it's right for you as a couple, since it could only work for you two and no one else! Just don't take this easy flow of fresh energy for granted. You'll have to work at balancing freedom with commitment to derive the best benefits from this influence.

Uranus trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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