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Uranus square Pluto

Make Creative Adaptations

Kelli Fox

As a couple, you'll undergo periods of deep, intense change that challenge the very structure of your relationship, as well as your ability to adjust together to the changes. Depending on other influences in your relationship, you may react to these changes in a variety of ways: If there are other destabilizing influences at work, one or both of you might feel as if the only recourse is to break up; if there are plenty of harmonizing and stabilizing influences, you may decide to work together on restructuring your connection in a way that works for both of you. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: You'll need to consciously incorporate flexibility into your relationship if you want things to last.

Ignoring or resisting changes will only lead to upsets on both sides; it could even lead to blow-outs that neither of you will be able to predict or control. Don't let this happen; instead, be creative and open-minded as you search for ways to go along with the flow of your connection. If you search for innovative solutions to any problems that come up, you'll find that things tend to go your way, even when they change altogether. Better yet, you'll both learn, grow and deepen in the process.

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