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Uranus square North Node

Lots of Ups and Downs

Kelli Fox

This relationship will be unlike anything either of you has ever experienced before, and at first, that will be a very attractive quality. You'll make a strange, sudden, even unexpected connection; perhaps you're both looking for something different and exciting, and as you begin getting to know each other, you'll believe that this is it. But it's likely that you'll find it just too difficult to establish a connection, unless there are plenty of other stabilizing factors in your relationship that can serve to ground you on a day-to-day basis.

If your affair gets off the ground fast, it may also end quickly, without warning. Even if you do manage to keep things moving forward, you'll find that your goals aren't a good match and it's hard to feel like a united team. You're likely to go through lots of ups and downs, and if you're looking for a stable, committed bond, you could quickly tire of this elevator quality. On the other hand, if you can handle some uncertainty, you can see where things go and find out if you can develop a stronger bond over time. Whatever happens, this relationship promises to spark ideas and experiences you've never dreamed of before.

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