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Uranus square Neptune

Embrace the Mundane

Kelli Fox

If you become intimate with each other, you'll combine your most lofty ideals and try to live by them as a couple. From a certain perspective, this is a wonderful thing: You'll try to live like revolutionaries, utterly committed to your ideals. But from another, more realistic perspective, this way of living and thinking will only limit you as a couple.

Your desire to live out your dreams is more likely to be based in fear than in any true revolutionary vision of a new way of life. When you're together, you'll increase each other's resistance to cold, dull reality, to the 'truth' of regular, day-to-day life. You'll also increase each other's fear that you just can't handle a mundane existence together; that, as a couple, you should be lifted above earthly concerns into something much more spiritual and radical. But the truth is, your visions of this sublime existence may just not be possible or plausible. In fact, at base, you'll simply be trying to escape reality together. Your fear that by committing to the real world, you'll give up on something dear and important, is mostly smoke and mirrors, and not a real concern. Together, you'll need to focus on living firmly in the real world; this is the only way you'll be able to build a relationship that helps you both grow and get to know yourselves and each other better.

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