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Uranus square Juno

Striking a Balance

Kelli Fox

The things each of you is seeking from this partnership are at odds with the unique course of your connection. You should expect lots of ups and downs in this relationship, and give each other as much freedom as you possibly can. This, of course, will likely be difficult.

The unpredictability of your connection often just won't support the type of togetherness you're both seeking. You might break up and get back together repeatedly, or maybe you'll stay together but have an emotionally up-and-down connection, withdrawing from one another one minute and reuniting the next in a blaze of passion. Your levels of interest in one another or in making a commitment may also be out of sync, and it will be difficult to come to an agreement on how this relationship should be structured. Still, this tricky energy also offers you an important growth opportunity. Not being able to rely on your connection in the way you'd like might become tiring, but what it lacks in stability, it will likely make up in excitement. And if you work together, you'll find ways to strike a balance between freedom and commitment.

Uranus square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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