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Uranus sextile Pluto

The Ability to Change with Your Relationship

Kelli Fox

This influence signifies the ability to grow and change together along with the shifts that will inevitably occur in your lives and in your relationship, especially those shifts that happen over time in a long-term affair. But the effects of this aspect probably won't be particularly strong or noticeable unless there are other indications within your relationship of mutual growth and adapting well together to changes. If other influences in your relationship point in that direction, then you can expect to notice this as a theme running through your affair.

Changes in your day-to-day lives as individuals and as a couple won't damage your connection with each other; in fact, this type of change will enhance your bond, because you'll learn over time that you can grow as individuals along with your relationship. Thus, you won't be afraid of metamorphoses in your connection, or your perception of your bond. This is a real gift, and one to nurture consciously.

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