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Uranus opposite North Node

Intentionally Rocking the Boat

Kelli Fox

This relationship will be unlike anything either of you has ever experienced before, although it may seem vaguely familiar, which could be due to a past life connection. You'll make a strange, sudden, even unexpected connection. But it's likely that you'll find it just too difficult to keep things going, unless there are plenty of other stabilizing factors in your relationship to ground you on a day-to-day basis.

Your bond could change or even end quickly, without warning. And if you do manage to keep things moving forward, all the ups and downs will start to wear on your nerves over time, making it hard to get along. You might pick fights with each other or behave in ways you know will upset your partner, just to keep things interesting. Instead of purposely rocking the boat, it will be a lot better to take a close, honest look at your connection and decide whether you're really a good match. If your needs, interests and goals are just too different, it may be best to say goodbye. If you do feel that you could be a really good match, you may have to put up with a certain amount of limitation in order to keep your connection stable.

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