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Uranus conjunct North Node

A New Experience

Kelli Fox

This relationship will be unlike anything either of you has ever experienced before. You'll make a strange, sudden, even unexpected connection; in fact, it may be this unusual quality that draws you together in the first place. Perhaps you're both looking for something new, different and exciting, and as you begin getting to know each other, you'll realize that this is it.

Together you'll have eclectic tastes. Your favorite conversations or dates might revolve around experiences that surprise or even shock you. Things might get going fast between you, but they could also end quickly, without warning. In general, you might find it hard to establish a reliable bond, one you can easily categorize and count on, unless there are plenty of other stabilizing influences that can ground your relationship in a day-to-day commitment. Of course, you might both be just fine with that if you're both attracted to this unique connection that develops between you. Whatever happens, this relationship promises to spark ideas and experiences you've never even dreamed of before.

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