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Uranus conjunct Neptune

Radical Idealism

Kelli Fox

Being together and becoming intimate with one another will increase your commitment to your own dearest ideals -- your visions of a better, more uplifted and spiritual way to live. Together you'll try to live radically by adhering to these ideals, which may work out sometimes but not others. It's wonderful to develop interests as a couple in spirituality, faith, mysticism and so on, but do try to keep at least one foot firmly planted in reality, too.

You could idealize each other and your connection to a strong degree, especially if there are other indications of idealization in your relationship chart. If so, you'll need to work extra hard to find real-world ways to live out your dreams. But in general, you'll expand your own and each other's consciousness by exploring the spiritual realms and finding ways to make your Utopian visions come true in your day-to-day lives.

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