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Sun unaspected

An Independent Unit

Kelli Fox

As a pair, you two feel quite independent of others around you, and perhaps even detached from them. You are, quite literally, a couple who is self-governing and autonomous. There are few overt controls on your life, so you can carve out your own path together, although you may respond to the expectations of society and culture in general.

Without any other major restraints upon you, the two of you form a contained unit, and can establish yourselves in the world according to your own will and effort. You are free and self-determining. This independence directly influences your confidence and awareness as a couple. It can also bring out your strengths and ambitions and can even emphasize your faults and shortcomings. Because of this, you must help each other achieve awareness and try, constantly, to improve. As a couple, you may not connect with other people very easily, although as individuals, you do well. If you go to a party, for example, you may part ways at the door and reunite only intermittently until you leave together. The two of you must decide which areas of your life will receive your incredible focus and drive. As a pair, you can go far.

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