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Sun trine Neptune

In Pursuit of a Higher Ideal

Kelli Fox

You'll idealize this relationship and each other to a great degree, and you'll both feel as if you've come together to achieve something very special -- some sort of spiritual pursuit or higher ideal. You'll tune in to each other's thoughts and feelings intuitively, and you'll share such feelings of devotion that you'll work selflessly to meet each other's needs. Your connection will seem incredibly meaningful to both of you, significant at some intangible level that defies reason.

There are a couple of potential pitfalls here that can be avoided if you watch out for them. One is that your focus on the more 'perfect' parts of your bond may encourage you to ignore the mundane or imperfect parts, even though those parts of your connection will be just as important as anything else in the relationship. If you try not to use this influence as an excuse for avoiding reality, you should be fine -- in fact, better than fine. It's lovely in a romance to have such spiritual attunement! Just don't neglect the more tedious, day-to-day issues that will crop up between you. And don't neglect your physical connection in favor of nurturing a more spiritual or emotional one. If you do, this relationship may stay in the platonic realm.

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