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Sun trine Jupiter

Broadening Your Horizons

Kelli Fox

You'll feel really good when you're together -- easy and friendly, in a simple and natural way. You'll feel as if the relationship is everything it should be, as if it gives you everything you need from it. This is a wonderful influence for offsetting other aspects that may create a sense of discontent.

You'll make a philosophical connection that allows you to increase your understanding of each other, yourselves and the world around you, through interesting conversation, watching documentary films together, traveling to new places and the like. And this won't just be simple fun; it will be important for your mutual development. You'll both really want to broaden your horizons, and exploring your places in the world will be a significant part of your connection. Your communication will be open, free and easy, and you'll both feel as if you can express yourselves in a true, honest way with each other. But though you'll discuss issues and beliefs that are deeply important to you, you'll do so in a fun, lighthearted, optimistic way -- a wonderful combination. The good attitude you foster in each other will keep you both looking toward the horizon as you move forward in life together.

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