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Sun trine Juno

Honor Your Special Connection

Kelli Fox

You'll both derive a lot of energy and vitality from your partnership, because the core energy of your connection is very similar to the qualities you're each seeking from this relationship. You'll both feel as if your connection embodies the type of values and goals you're looking for, which will make you both feel happy and excited at the prospect of sharing a future. Make sure that you're actually a solid match in terms of your communication, your goals and how much of yourselves and your energy you're willing to commit to the relationship.

If you find that you're similar in all of these important ways, it's likely that you'll be able to build a really strong, fun and mutually satisfying connection. Just be sure to put effort into making the relationship live up to everything you're looking for. There's a chance that your bond will feel so easy and natural that you'll both start taking it for granted, at which point it won't feel quite so special anymore.

Sun trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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