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Sun square Uranus

Freedom Required

Kelli Fox

It will be hard to maintain any sense of stability or continuity in this relationship. Even if you'd like to settle down together and make a commitment, something will stop you -- some feeling of restlessness, perhaps, or a basic unwillingness to do anything so traditional or prescribed as making promises to each other about your level of involvement in the relationship. Possessiveness won't have a place in this connection, and freedom will be necessary for both of you, whether that means getting plenty of time away from each other, dating other people, or simply making sure to pursue your own passions and interests.

If you do move toward a traditional type of commitment, such as marriage or living together, you'll both have to be very flexible about the amount of time and attention your lover puts into the relationship, because it will be variable at best. Living together could be a strange and interesting experience, actually. You could find it hard to relax together; you probably won't spend too many evenings on the couch, snuggling and watching TV. But at least you won't get bored! That's one of the positives of this influence: There will always be something new and unexpected going on between you.

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