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Sun square Saturn

Work to Accept Each Other's Flaws

Kelli Fox

It's likely that at least one of you will become very critical of your sweetie through the course of this relationship. There will be a feeling of restriction and limitation between you, and your expectations of each other will be both high and inflexible. You'll find it hard to relax in this relationship; you might always feel as if you're being judged harshly.

The importance placed on stability in this connection could easily begin to cancel out the importance of warmth, affection and comfort, even though these are all every bit as valuable in a love affair as durability or being grounded together. Over time, you'll both realize that there's very little mutual acceptance here; instead, you'll find that you've focused too much on constant criticism and the need for improvement. You might learn something from having your weaknesses and flaws exposed, but the cold, judgmental climate of this connection won't be very conducive to positive growth or learning. Instead, you might just find your self-confidence slowly worn down over time. To make this work, you'll both have to accept each other as you are and allow your partner to behave in whatever way comes most naturally to them -- which could be too tall an order for either of you.

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