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Sun square Pluto

Your Egos at War

Kelli Fox

No one is perfect, and everyone can stand to change at least a few things about themselves in order to be a better friend, lover and all-around person. In fact, the need for growth is one of the biggest reasons we enter into relationships; they're the perfect venue for learning these lessons. But while this relationship will certainly change you, it may not be for the better.

You'll both try to force the other to change in ways that aren't necessary or fair, such as pushing your lover to become the partner you wish you could be with. Power struggles will take center stage in this relationship. You might never feel appreciated and accepted for the person you are inside; similarly, you might never feel as if you can fully relax with each other. Arguments could flare up frequently as you each try to carve out a comfortable space for yourselves. Take a look at the rest of the aspects between you: If there are lots of harmonious influences, they can balance out the challenges of this one. But if there are others that indicate conflict, you can expect this relationship to be a tough one. Still, you can consciously focus together on accepting each other and on toning down your own controlling impulses, and make this work -- with effort.

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