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Sun square Neptune

Duped by Reality

Kelli Fox

This could turn out to be a very tricky relationship. Deceit and disillusionment are strong possibilities here, because you'll start out with your heads in the clouds, avoiding the reality of this connection. You might idealize it to a high degree, or you might just ignore the truth of how you two really get along and what's possible between you.

And when reality rears its head, as it inevitably will, one or both of you will feel disappointed, even bitter, as if you've been completely misled. It's possible that deliberate deception will happen here -- one of you will lie to the other about something important, and when the lie is finally uncovered, it will be very hurtful to your bond. But it's more likely that whatever 'deceit' occurs in this relationship will rest on both your shoulders, because you'll both be so ready and willing to ignore reality and believe whatever you want to believe about your connection. But when the truth comes out, it will be hard not to feel like a victim -- as if you've been duped. It's also possible that if neither one of you is certain where you're supposed to be heading in life, this relationship won't be much help in figuring things out, because you'll only increase each other's confusion and lack of direction.

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