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Sun square Mars

A Wide Competitive Streak

Kelli Fox

The high level of energy between you could lead to problems if you aren't careful to channel it in some very specific ways. Being physically active together will be important; joining a sports team together, going to the gym for frequent workouts, or going hiking or jogging could all help in keeping the energy flowing between you. But sometimes, boil-overs will be unavoidable.

There's just not quite enough room in this relationship for both your egos, and power struggles and disagreements will result. Arguing could become the typical way you communicate, especially if you allow tension to build up instead of finding dynamic ways to release it. You'll need to focus on ways to cooperate rather than allowing yourselves to compete or lash out against each other, which will come much more naturally than teamwork. But working together can become a habit, especially if you do so in the arena of physical activity or working on a project toward a common goal.

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