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Sun square Jupiter

Restless Energy

Kelli Fox

There will be a lot of restless, overblown energy between you, which you'll have to channel carefully if you want to avoid the more challenging potential of this influence. This aspect can produce a lot of instability in your relationship if you aren't careful. You'll focus a lot on development and progress, and when you're together you'll feel the need to make things happen.

Of course, that can be a very creative, dynamic and useful urge -- that is, until it morphs into something bigger than it actually is. You might never feel satisfied with the way things are; you'll always want to learn, change and improve, and that in itself isn't a bad thing. It will become a real issue, though, if you can't ever accept each other, or the relationship, as you are. Developing patience and tolerance as a couple will be key for the success of this connection. Don't try to tackle too much too fast. Try to focus on one project at a time, and when it comes to self-improvement or revamping the relationship itself, keep it moderate! You'll find that you achieve a lot more together if you take it in manageable steps.

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