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Sun sextile Uranus

Be Creative

Kelli Fox

Don't expect this relationship to follow a preset, traditional path. Instead, if you two come together, your connection will blaze its own trail, teaching you both a lot about yourselves in the process. You'll be very open and free together, and you'll rarely place artificial restrictions on each other.

You might really value your alone time, separate from each other, and you'll almost certainly maintain your friendships outside the relationship -- meaning, this won't be one of those affairs in which you cut off the rest of the world and hole up together at home! No, your relationship will thrive on lots of outside stimulation. You'll be amazed at the doors you manage to open together. New ideas and fresh experiences will always be a priority between you. If you don't nurture these, in fact, you could become restless together, or even bored. You should both put in the effort to actively seek out new experiences: Try out new restaurants, see challenging films, visit art galleries and museums, travel to new places together... Anything that puts an emphasis on creativity or challenging your minds and intellects will be an excellent use of your time as a couple.

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