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Sun sextile North Node

Making Key Connections Together

Kelli Fox

The importance of your relationship will depend in part upon your connection as a couple with other people, so you should make sure that you don't hole up together, away from the rest of the world! Getting out together is key, because you'll help each other move toward your goals in life by making contacts with important people. This may happen when you accompany each other to work-related events, where you'll help each other to network more effectively than you might on your own; or it may happen simply when you brainstorm ideas for your future, and what you come up with involves making contact with a third party.

In some way, this relationship will be instrumental for your karmic development, and you may achieve this development by connecting as a team with some sort of notable person in your field, or the field you're trying to enter. You'll also find that the more you help each other to move in the direction you want and need to head in life, the stronger and more centered your relationship will become.

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