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Sun sextile Mars

Dynamic Energy

Kelli Fox

There will be a lot of wonderful energy, creativity and dynamism in your relationship. When you're together, you'll feel revved up, energetic and ready to move mountains -- or whatever other projects you dream up together. Staying active together will be an excellent way to use and express this energy; joining a sports team or the gym together, or just going hiking or jogging, will bring you closer together and feed this wonderful can-do feeling between you.

Better still, you shouldn't have trouble making room for both your egos in this relationship. Unless there are a lot of other aspects in your composite chart that indicate power struggles, you should be able to treat each other as the equals that you are. Competition also shouldn't be an issue here; instead, you'll work side by side, or at least cheer each other on from the sidelines. Cooperation will be one of your strengths as a couple, which will help both during disagreements and when you're working on a project together -- whether that's cleaning the house, assembling a piece of furniture, playing some team sports or whatever other adventures you get involved in together.

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