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Sun sextile Jupiter

Trading Philosophies, Exploring the World

Kelli Fox

You'll feel really good when you're together -- easy and friendly, in a simple and natural way. There will be a philosophical focus to this relationship that makes you both want to trade interesting ideas and theories rather than meaningless small talk. You'll love discussing your beliefs and exploring the world around you, whether via conversation, documentary films or travel.

This won't just be simple fun; it will also be important for your mutual development. You'll both really want to broaden your horizons. Exploring philosophies and increasing your understanding of yourselves, each other and your places in the world will be a significant part of your connection. You may also feel as if being together brings you luck. Opportunities will certainly seem to have a way of popping up, but it's a lot more likely the result of the fact that you'll keep each other tuned in to recognizing opportunities as they happen -- ones you might miss on your own. The good attitude you foster in each other will keep you both looking toward the horizon as you move forward in life.

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