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Sun opposite Uranus

A Challenging Connection

Kelli Fox

If you have conventional or traditional expectations of this relationship, prepare to be disappointed. Your connection can't and won't be pigeonholed; all it can offer, in fact, is unexpected experiences and unpredictability. This is likely to be upsetting for both of you, since it will be so hard to count on your connection for any kind of stability or support.

Instead, you'll challenge each other on a regular basis. You'll poke at each other's long-held, established ideas and push each other to find new ways of looking at the world. This might not sound so bad, and indeed, it can have a positive effect on both of you, but it's likely to be an uncomfortable process in the meantime, as you're forced to give up ideas, assumptions and expectations that you've clung to for a long time. Alternatively, it's possible that other people -- your friends or families, perhaps -- will see your relationship as strange and impractical, and their opposition to your bond will bring you closer together as a couple. But even that situation will present its own stressors and pressures, and could prove to be too much to handle.

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