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Sun opposite Saturn

Accept Each Other as You Are

Kelli Fox

It could be really difficult for you two to understand each other. You have very different dispositions, and there will be plenty of times when you look at each other and think, 'Who is this person, anyway?' It will be all too easy to react to these differences with harsh criticism or attempts to control each other. If one of you tends to have a stronger, more aggressive personality, you're likely to be the one who will take on the more aggressively critical or controlling role, trying to push your partner to be more like the person you wish they could be.

But it's not fair to place such restrictions on each other, and if you want the relationship to work out long-term, you'll both need to exercise a lot of patience and tolerance with each other. Try to accept your partner for who they are instead of nitpicking their behavior and ideas and constantly sending the message that they aren't good enough as they are. A strong, warm, mutual sense of love and affection will really help tone down the challenges of this influence; so will making sure to get enough time alone, apart from each other. That way, you'll enjoy your time together all the more, and you'll learn to appreciate the fact that you're two distinct individuals.

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