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Sun opposite Pluto

An Overpowering Urge to Dominate

Kelli Fox

Competition and ego clashes could easily get the better of you if you aren't careful in how you treat each other. You'll both need to remember that no one is perfect, and that in a love affair, it's more important to accept and appreciate each other as you are than to try to force each other to become something you're not. That's a tall order for this relationship, though.

You'll both push each other to change in ways that aren't necessary or fair, and power struggles will take center stage between you. You might never feel appreciated and accepted for the person you are inside, which will make it hard to relax together. Frequent arguments could even break down your self-confidence over time. Take a look at the rest of the aspects between you: If there are plenty of harmonious influences, they can balance out the challenges of this one. But if there are several others that indicate conflict, you can expect this relationship to be a tough one. Still, if you consciously focus together on accepting each other and toning down your own controlling impulses, you can make this work -- with effort.

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