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Sun opposite North Node

Try to Bridge the Gap

Kelli Fox

In some way, the success of your relationship will closely interrelate with your connection as a couple with other people. There may be some strong opposition to your relationship coming from the outside, from someone in your family or your circle of friends. They could work hard to break you two up, but as long as your connection is strong and positive, you won't need to worry too much about outside pressures.

Just be sure that you don't hole up together, away from the rest of the world! This could be a strong temptation if you feel really comfortable together; if someone is against your relationship, you two might develop an us-against-the-world mentality, because it will be so easy to spend time together and ignore everyone else. But this wouldn't be a good idea. Instead, try to work it out if there's conflict coming from someone outside your connection. You'll be surprised at what time and good communication can accomplish, in terms of building bridges and soothing concerns or hurt feelings.

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