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Sun opposite Neptune

Reality Will Come Crashing In

Kelli Fox

It will be quite tempting to project unrealistic images onto each other and the relationship itself -- images of your ideal lover or an unattainably perfect love dynamic that you've dreamed up in your fantasies. This will be unfair, of course, because of that unattainable quality: No person or relationship is perfect, but your hopes, dreams and expectations in this pairing will tell you otherwise. And idealization can lead to major disappointment down the line.

It's even possible that one or both of you will mislead the other deliberately, either in an outright lie or in an attempt to sugarcoat reality with 'harmless white lies.' Any level of dishonesty between you will be harmful, whether it's intended maliciously or not. There's also a chance that over time, you'll begin to play out a savior-victim fantasy instead of treating each other as the equals that you are. It would be far better to encourage each other to develop individuality and strength, so that you can each deal with life on your own terms, standing on your own two feet. Try to be honest with yourselves and each other about your needs and expectations within this relationship. That way, you can force yourselves to look at your bond in a more realistic light, which will help to avoid future disappointment when reality comes crashing in.

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