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Sun opposite Mars

Your Egos Will Get in the Way

Kelli Fox

Ego clashes and power plays are likely to become a way of life in this relationship. There will be a lot of energy between you that translates all too easily to aggression, competition and tension. You'll need to work very hard if you want to establish any sense of harmony or teamwork; otherwise, arguments will become your normal mode of communication, and you'll rarely be able to see each other as the equals you truly are.

Your egos will just keep getting in the way as each of you tries to best the other. You'll forget that this isn't a battle, and you're not adversaries; it's supposed to be a relationship, one in which you're on the same team. Support and cooperation should be the focus, not fighting and aggressive individualism. You'll have to look to other aspects between you to determine how overpowering the effects of this one might be. If there are plenty of other indications of harmony, affection, support and cooperation, then this aspect may just lend some dynamic energy and interest to the mix. But if other aspects speak to power struggles and other upsets, you can expect these to be the norm.

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