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Sun opposite Jupiter

Impossible Expectations

Kelli Fox

You'll both have high expectations of yourselves and each other in terms of your mutual development in this relationship. Your hopes will be high for what this connection can be, and you'll have a hard time accepting it if the relationship turns out to be less than what you've imagined. It will be possible to channel this idealism carefully and use it to create a relationship that's based on mutual growth and understanding, but it will be all too easy to let things veer in the direction of impossible expectations.

Whatever happens, when you're together you'll feel the need to make things happen -- to learn, grow and gain understanding -- which can easily turn into something bigger than it really is. You might never feel satisfied with the way things are; you'll always want to change and improve, which in itself isn't a bad thing. It will become a real issue, though, if you can't ever accept each other as you are, or the relationship. Be sure, too, that you're giving as much to the relationship as you're demanding from it. Developing patience and tolerance as a couple will be key for the success of this connection.

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