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Sun opposite Juno

Partnership Tension

Kelli Fox

On the one hand, you'll want to share life goals and pursue your ambitions together, but you'll probably find that your partnership isn't exactly conducive to this kind of sharing. The basic energy of your combined personalities is probably completely opposite to what you're each looking for in a partnership, which will create struggles for you both. For example, you might both seek a balanced, romantic and affectionate union with your partner, but you'll find that your actual, real-life connection is much more fiery and independent than that.

This could cause disappointment or even resentment, and good communication as well as a mutual feeling of affection and togetherness, indicated by other paragraphs in this report, will be necessary to work this out. You may always feel as if your relationship doesn't offer you all that you want from it, but you can gain a lot of perspective from trying to straddle that line rather than allowing yourselves to fall on either one side of it or the other.

Sun opposite Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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