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Sun conjunct Mercury

Talking All Day and Night

Kelli Fox

You'll talk all day and night, discussing every thought and idea that comes into your minds. The phone and your e-mail or Instant Messenger programs will likely play a big role in your relationship, because verbal communication is such a large part of your connection. If you're a particularly romantic couple, you might write each other frequent love notes or read poetry together.

If you're more into your political or intellectual similarities, you might have a lot of fun with frequent, lengthy debates over all your favorite subjects, the ones that get you all fired up and your brains snapping. This point of connection doesn't have much to do with feelings, however; it's purely words, ideas and intellect, firing back and forth at a rapid clip. In fact, you might tend to intellectualize your emotions as a couple, which isn't the best thing for an intimate relationship. Don't forget that there are other important kinds of communication, such as an intuitive understanding of each other's needs and feelings, or a physical bond that grounds both of you in the pleasures of the here and now.

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