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Sun conjunct Uranus

Stay Open to Changes

Kelli Fox

Either this relationship will be a fun, interesting and challenging growth experience, or it will just be challenging -- without much of the fun. It all depends on how strong each of you are within yourselves. The stronger and more centered you are, the better.

But if you're insecure or anxiety-ridden about your personality or your place in the world, this relationship may not be a pleasant experience for you, because there will be a lot of upheaval and instability within it. Your best bet is not to try to force this relationship, your expectations of it or your behavior within it into any kind of traditional, preset standard. All you can expect from this connection is the unexpected. You'll find that your ideas about yourselves -- what kind of people you are, what kind of lovers you are, what your tastes and needs are in romance -- will change, and probably change radically, through knowing and interacting with each other. If you can be open to these changes, you might end up really learning a lot about yourselves and each other, and discovering facets of your own personalities that you never suspected before. Otherwise, the strain of constant change may just be too much for you to continue in this relationship.

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