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Sun conjunct Saturn


Kelli Fox

This relationship could be one bound by duty or obligation. It's likely to be quite a traditional relationship, and you'll both take it very seriously. It could even seem like a business arrangement as much as (or even more than) a romantic affair.

Whatever else happens between you, this union will teach both of you a lot about yourselves, each other and your expectations of a love affair. Over the course of your connection, you'll have to face yourselves in ways that make you uncomfortable and learn to accept truths about yourselves that you may not want to admit. Facing down your own weaknesses could feel like a depressing process, but it doesn't have to be; it's much better if you can look at it as an important learning experience. Rather than judging yourselves or each other harshly, this can be a lesson in humility and acceptance, or even a guide for personal change. The sense of limitation inherent in this relationship might actually point to some sort of restriction that you don't want or need to put up with. But to a large degree, while this aspect may not indicate a lot of enjoyment, it does indicate an enduring, stable and committed relationship.

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