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Sun conjunct Pluto

Intense, and Potentially Intensely Rewarding

Kelli Fox

You may have a powerful influence as a couple on other people, or you may simply have a powerful effect on each other. Either way, you'll both be profoundly affected by this relationship, and whether it lasts short- or long-term, you won't leave it unchanged. Since there will be so much power generated when you're together, you'll have to be very careful about how you use it.

Obviously, using it to try to manipulate other people to your own advantage wouldn't be a good idea! But if you can use it to get to know yourselves more deeply than you ever have before, and to tune in to each other at a deep and intimate level as well, you can transform yourselves for the better. Self-awareness will be a focus of this relationship, and the process of becoming self-aware may not always be a pleasant one. You'll be required to face parts of yourselves you've long tried to ignore or deny, but those tactics just won't work anymore -- not in this pairing. You may even choose to go through formal counseling of some type together. Do be forewarned that the longer this relationship lasts, the more it may resemble a snake repeatedly shedding its skin. There may be times of intense trouble and upset, when you'll both think the relationship is over; but later, you'll look back and realize it was just yet another phase of change. Intense? Oh, yeah! And intensely rewarding, if you can stand the pressure.

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