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Sun conjunct Neptune

The Ideal Couple

Kelli Fox

The image you project as a couple may have little to do with the reality behind that image. While you may appear on the surface to be the 'ideal couple,' that appearance may be far from the truth. And one or both of you could be very concerned about continuing to appear as this idealized, glamorous pair.

In fact, there's a strong chance you'll both idealize your relationship to a great degree. It might seem as if you have a spiritual connection, and perhaps you will; losing yourselves together in service or spirit is a distinct possibility with this aspect. But with an influence like this one at work, it's all too easy to delude yourselves as to the true nature of your bond and the possibilities of this relationship. You may both feel as if you're so connected that you don't even need to talk to understand each other, and this may be true in moments. But don't ignore the importance of direct, verbal communication. Some things do need to be spelled out in words, even if you both believe you already know or understand them. If you don't make the effort to communicate deliberately and directly, you're likely to wake up at some point as if from a pleasant dream -- all fluff and no substance.

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